On this page you'll find some of my most prized free resources. Marketing online is by far the best way to build your business but the fact is, that it can be difficult at times. We'll help out in any way we can. There is no magic when it comes to using this tool, the key word is "using". If you buy a tool and don't use it, you are wasting your money.

The main thing is to stay consistent and keep pushing forward. You do NOT need to purchase all of these tools at once. It will depend on the stage of your business.

Use these resources as a guide, and be sure to put your own spin on things. Find what works for you and master it, then as that form of advertising is working for you, then go out and try other methods. Use these LINKS to find out how to use the following advertising methods. (click on the method below for details).


Purchasing sheet music online has become a staple for music teachers and musicians alike. If you're looking for sheet music, I recommend Sheet Music Plus. They have the world's largest selection, guaranteed low prices, and great customer service. Choose from over 800000 sheet music titles for all types of musicians and instruments. Order sheet music or download and print digital sheet music by clicking the link below.

Sheet Music Plus Homepage


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Trying to compose music? Struggling with chord progressions or variations to the melody? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Contact me at, and I'd be happy to meet with you for a one on one workshop.

I also do group workshops. If you and your friends would like some tips, or you are a business, feel free to contact me and we can schedule a workshop!

Links to other LDS sheet music sites: These sites contain free solo, duet, and instrumental LDS sheet music to download and print.

1.  Sally Deford Music -
2.  Music by Andrew Hawryluk -
3.  Free LDS sheet music by Craig Petrie -
4.  Aaron Waite's free LDS sheet music site -
5.  Free original religious and instrumental sheet music, and real audio files.
     Scholarship application, biography, and writings too! -
6.  Michelle Willis' LDS music web site offers free and for purchase
     original music -
7.  Jon Schmidt -
8.  Free sheet music: locate thousands of free sheet music downloads -    
9.  Original piano compositions by Anne Britt -
10.Free choral arrangements by Ashley Hall -